Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Sun Temple, Modhera

The Sun Temple, Modhera

In the middle of the desert in Gujarat lie the haunting remains of what must have been one of the greatest temples of mediaeval India, the Sun Temple at Modhera. The most visible and famous ruin at Modhera is that of a ritualistic bathing tank in front of the Sun Temple. This tank, with its pattern of steps, has been the inspiration for many an architectural effort, even today. From this tank, a broad flight of steps goes up to the temple itself, through an ornate torana, or gateway.

The torana leads onto the mandapa that forms the heart of the temple. The shafts of the columns of this hall are exquisitely carved, almost embroidered. This temple is little more than a ruin now, yet the poignant remains are ample testimony to the magnificence that must have been the great Sun Temple of Modhera.

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