Friday, February 5, 2016



Bahrot is the 1500 feet (500 m) mountain 20 kms south of Sanjaan on which our brave Zarathosti ancestors took refuge from the Muslim invaders for 13 long years, in the year 1351 AD. They also took along with them to Bahrot their greatest shrine, the Iranshah Flame. It was amazing to see how those brave Parsis of the past lived in such harsh conditions of Bahrot just in order to keep their Faith in Ahura-Mazda burning.

Pottery, glass ware and coins dating back to the Sassanian period in Iran (the last Zoroastrian dynasty) have been found. It proves the thesis of historians that the Iranian Zoroastrians had close trading connections with the Gujarat coast, and that Sanjan was a well known and prosperous port with whom the Iranians had close connections. This was the reason for the Parsis to seek refuge there and also why they received such a warm welcome. They did not com to Sanjan as total strangers, but were familiar with each others language and customs.

Today, the caves are in a very bad shape and need repair and maintenance. Zoroastrian groups go up a very difficult path to offer their reverence and perform jashan ceremonies throughout the year. The Government of India was prevailed to declare the cave a protected monument, to prevent further deterioration.

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