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Sri Amirtha Kadeswarar Temple

Sri Amirtha Kadeswarar Temple

Moolavar : Amirtha Kadeswarar
Urchavar : Somaskandar
Amman / Thayar : Vidyujothi Nayaki
Old year : More than 2000 years old
State : Cuddalur, Tamil Nadu

Shivalinga in the temple is made of Navapashana- nine herbals. The rays of Sun fall on the Lord on 3, 4 and 5 of Panguni-March-April and the rays of Moon on the Apipasi Annabishekam day. It is said that Sani Baghwan had eagle as his vahan the vehicle. It is said that Emperor Dasaratha gave him crow then replacing the eagle. Hence, it is said that Sani Bhagwan-Saturn in the temple with the eagle vehicle belongs to the period prior to Ramayana days. Special pujas are performed to him on Saturdays in the month of Purattasi-September-October.

The temple is in the shape of a Rath-Car. The left wheel is stuck to the earth as Lord Vinayaka pressed it. Lord Kunjithapada Nataraja graces with Mother Sivakami in a leaning position. The life history of the celebrated saivite Nayanmars are sculpted on the wall of the main shrine. The pleasing feature is that Lord Arthanareeswara graces with Nandhi the bull vehicle on the right wall while Lord Ranganatha is below. Special pujas are performed to Lord Ranganatha on Vaikunda Ekadasi day in December-January. On the back wall, Lord Vishnu graces with a Shivalinga on His hand with Sri Andal, Garudazhwar and Sri Anjaneya. Lord Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai graces on the opposite side. Saint Arunagiriar has sung the praise he Lord of Muruga in this temple. Lord Gangadhara and Lord Aalinganamurthy also grace from this ghoshta walls. Lord Dakshinamurthi graces from the Vimna-tower above the sanctum sanctorum with a flute and Veena. Lord Vinayaka graces in the name of Aaravara Vinayaka.

Those facing adverse effects of Mars planet pray in this temple. Also those 60 years old (Sashti Aptha Poorthy) pray here for longevity with Homas,

It is believed that all the nine planets pray to Lord Shiva in this temple on their respective days. Accordingly, Lord Shiva is dressed with clothes of different colours attributed to the planets. The shrine is regarded as one meant to seek relief from various planetary problems faced by devotees. The Navagraha shrine is opposite to the shrine of Mother.

Mother Vidhyu Jothi Nayaki - Vidya-Saraswathi, Jothi-Mahalakshmi, Nayaki-Durga) combining the powers of three Shaktis graces as Saraswathi with Veena in the morning, with elephant as Mahalakshmi in midday and with trident as Durga in the evenings. Hence the name Vidyajothinayaki. Mother also has the name Jothi Minnammai. Those seeking wedding and child boon worship Mother with turmeric and bangles.

Saint Tirunavikkarasar’s hymn dedicating himself to the service of Lord saying “My job is only to serve my Lord” was sung in this temple.

Lord Vrushaba Thandavamurthi graces in a dancing form on His Nandhi-Vrushab or bull vehicle- is the procession deity with 10 hands. Special pujas are performed to Him on Pradosha days – 13th day of new moon or full moon day. His darshan is available only on this day. In the peeta-stage below are Mother Parvathi, Lord Vishnu, Bhairava, Veerabadra, Lord Vinayaka, Maharshis Narada, Brungi and Mruganda, Nandhi Deva, Gandharvas a group in the celestial world known for musical skills and Boodhaganas.

Lord Vinayaka, who destroyed the pride of Indira is in a separate shrine with the name Aaravara Vinayaka as He created great noise by pressing the Rath and taking the nectar pot-Amirta Kalasa. He looks with an indignant face with head leaning left.

Place for planet Mars: Before waging His war against demon Surapanma, Lord Muruga visited this temple to worship mother and get the bow. Hence, Muruga in the temple appears with a bow. Planet Mars worshipped Lord Muruga here. Mars is a procession deity here.

Lord Brhamma on the wall appears worshipping Lord Shiva. Yama the Lord of Death and his assistant Chitra Gupta are on both sides. Sage Patanjali is nearby holding Lord Nataraja on his head showing his overwhelming joy of enjoying the dance darshan of the Lord. Mother Durga appears without toe. Below Her are the Meru Mount and the Sri Chakra installed by Acharya Sankara.

Devas who churned the nectar ocean began to consume it without worshipping Lord Vinayaka who angrily took away the pot to teach them a lesson. When He passed through this place, once a Kadamba forest, a drop of nectar fell on the earth and it became a Swyambu Linga. Realizing their folly, Indira and Devas came here and begged Lord Vinayaka’s pardon who in turn advised them to worship Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, responding to their prayers gave them the nectar and stayed here as Amirthakadeswarar – Amirtha-nectar, Kada the pot and Easwara the Lord.

Athithi, mother of Devas was worshipping Lord Amirthakadeswarar for granting the nectar to her children. Indira did not want to see his mother coming to this place each day and wanted to take the Lord to his Indraloka itself to help his mother. He changed the temple as a car and tried to pull it towards his place. Lord Vinayaka pressed the left wheel which got stuck to earth. Indira’s attempts failed to lift the car-temple. He begged Lord Vinayaka for help who agreed to let the temple if Indira installed a crore of Lingas. Indira took the challenge with pride but every piece got damaged. Realizing his pride, Indira fell at the Feet of Lord Amirthakadeswarar. Lord asked him to make one Shivalinga chanting His name thousand times. Indira made the Rudrakoteeswara Linga. Lord appeared before him and said that He wishes to stay here itself and do the worship for his mother. Indira obeyed. It is believed that Indira performs pujas to the Lord in this temple each day.

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