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Sri Tirumalai Kumaraswami temple

Sri Tirumalai Kumaraswami temple

Moolavar : Kumaraswami (Lord Kartikeya)

There are 626 steps to reach the temple. The presiding deity is also called Mookkan. Tirumalai Kali graces from the top of the hill. There are 16 steps to reach Lord Vinayaka shrine. 16 steps represent 16 kinds of wealth, it is believed. 

Kumaraswami Temple situated on a hill in Panmozhi, Tirunelveli, India.

During the construction of the temple, elephants were used to carry the pillars and beams to the hill. As strong rope was not available those days, it was made of palm fibres which, sometimes would give up dropping the pillars down. When the pillars fell down with great sound, a woman ascetic Sivakami Ammaiyar would stop them with her head caring not her life. The pillars would be dragged upward again. Till such time, she would be keeping her head against the pillars preventing them from falling further down. She had such power granted by Lord Muruga. She also carried bricks on the plaintain stems to the hill top. There is a statue for Ammaiyar in the temple.

Once, there was a deity of Mother Kali at the hill. Lord Muruga appeared in the dream of the priest Poovan Pattar and said that He was among the bamboo bushes at a place called Kottai Thirattu and that ants would guide him to the spot. Lord informed the king of Pandala too of this fact. When the Pandala king came there, Poovan Pattar also accompanied him. They found the spot and dug the place to take the deity out. While doing so, the nose of the deity was slightly damaged. This is still visible on the deity, hence the Lord is also called Mookkan.

To avoid any danger to the Lord due to floods and enemy attack, the temple is built at a height of 500 feet. The temple is built according to Kerala design and style. Pandala kings have left a huge property to the temple.

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