Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ambika Temple, Baripada, Orissa

Ambika Temple, Baripada, Orissa

Ambika Temple, one of the most ancient temples in Baripada of Orissa, located at about 55 Kilometre from the district. It is dedicated to the Goddess Ambika. Ambika Devi is a Jain Yaksi who is a dedicated attendant of Lord Neminath. She is regarded as the patron deity of material prosperity, childbirth and protection of women.

A reservoir named as Devkund or Deokund is situated just near the temple. This Kund is famous for the healing powers for human beings. The local believes it as bliss of god, while the geologists call it as this area is rich in mineral resources. It controls the 50 feet high waterfall and is situated near the temple.

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