Thursday, February 18, 2016

Miraculous Bhuteshwar Shivling That Is Growing Every Year On Its Own

1. The land of miracles

The land of miracles
When it comes to religious miracles, India is no stranger to them. Whether it was about a man claiming he had sighted “Lord Hanuman” in a cave or idols in a temple drinking milk a decade back, there have been such instances which have no logical explanation. Here’s another one that is bound to make your eyes open with amazement.

2. What is it?

What is it?
At a distance of 90 km from Chattisgarh’s capital Raipur there is a district situated named Gariabandh. Around 3 kms from there - in a district called Mukhyalya there is a forest named Gram Maroda where there is a shivling called 'Bhuteshwar Mahadev’ .

3. One of a kind

One of a kind
All over the world the Shivling is famous as the ‘ worlds only Shivling that grows every year’ . This Shivling is also known as ‘ Bakurra Mahadev ‘ .

4. On its own

On its own
The surprising feature of this Shivling is that it keeps on increasing in height and width on its own. It is about 18 feet tall and the width of the spherical surface of the Shivling is about 20 feet.

5. Word of mouth

Word of mouth
According to the priests at the temple, the size of the Shivling is to be measured every year at the occasion of Mahashivratri.

6. Huge number of devotees

Huge number of devotees
The priest at the temple said that the temple attracts lakhs of people every year, specially between the months of July and August.

7. How is it measured?

How is it measured?
The Shivling's length is measured recorded every year by the Revenue department.

8. The story behind it

The story behind it
According to the villagers, the story behind this Shivling is that several years ago, a zamindar had a field in this place and there was a mound in his field from where people could hear the roaring of a lion.

9. The story behind it

The story behind it
When he informed the others of this development, they also flocked to the mound and heard the roaring. From then onwards, people started worshipping this mound.

10. The story behind it

The story behind it
This small mound eventually started increasing in size and increases till date.

11. The best time to visit

The best time to visit
During the auspicious month of Sawan, people wait in long queues to get a glimpse of the Shivling. It is said that to please the lord, just a jug of water is enough.

12. The biggest natural shivling

The biggest natural shivling
Bhuteshwar Shivling is the world's biggest natural Shivling in Chhattisgarh, India.

13. Some statistics

Some statistics
People from 17 villages combined together to work as one in the welfare of the shivling. Initially, the size of the shivling was measured 1952 and recorded as 35 ft. And after that, every year the height and area of the Shivling kept on increasing

14. The only one in the world

The only one in the world
Manohar Lal Devangan, a member of the welfare committee of the Shivling has said that ‘ Bhuteshwar Mahadev ‘ is the only Shivling in the world whose height increases every year.

15. The mystery continues

The mystery continues
The temple has now joined the list of miracle temples in India and the mystery behind it keeps on baffling those around it.

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