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Alampur Navabrahma Temples

Alampur Navabrahma Temples are located at Alampur near Mahbubnagar. There are a total of nine temples in Alampur. All of them are dedicated to Shiva. These temples date back to the 7th century A.D and were built by the Badami Chalukyas rulers who were great patrons of art and architecture. Even after a time span of several hundred years, these grand temples still stand firm reflecting the rich architectural heritage of the country.

The temples are emblematic of the Northern and Western Indian styles of architecture. They do not reflect the Dravidian architecture as is generally common with the temples in this region. The brilliance of the artists who carved the sculptures of these temples is indeed commendable.

The Nava Brahma Temples carry the immense weight of history; the architecture hides many tales. Stories are carved on the base blocks of the temples. The Brahma temples have shikharas (spires) adorned with miniature architectural elements. The walls of the temple have rich carvings and ornate screen windows. On either side of the entrances of the temples are stone-carved dwarabpalakas (guards). The bala Brahma temple works as the main shrine and regular temple rituals are performed here; according to the locals, this temple is said to have a continuous record of ritual worship from Krishnadevaraya’s era. The Arka Brahma shrine is in ruins, but the Vishwa Brahma and Swarga Brahma shrines offer a peek at the glory of the past. Interestingly, there is also a mosque adjacent to the temples.

The Navabrahma temples are present on the left bank of the Tungabhadra River, enclosed in a courtyard. Taraka Brahma At Taraka Brahma temple, the 6th-7th century CE inscriptions present here.

Swarga Brahma

Swarga Brahma temple was built during 681-696 AD by Lokaditya Ela Arasa in honour of the queen of Vinayaditya, it is mentioned in an inscription found above the Dwarapalaka image. It is the finest example of Badami Chalukya Architecture and sculpture. This temple is the most elaborately ornamented temple. Temple with an imposing tower (Rekhanagara vimana) is the finest compared to other temples at Alampur.

Padma Brahma

Padma Brahma temple having polished stone sculpture of Shivalinga .

Bala Brahma

AS per the inscriptions, Bala Brahma temple dates back to 702 CE. It is the main shrine of worship, Shivaratri is celebrated.

Vishwa Brahma

Vishwa Brahma temple having sculptural scenes from the epics. It is one of the most artistic temple.

Garuda Brahma
Kumara Brahma
Arka Brahma
Vira Brahma

There are other temples like Suryanarayana temple dating back to 9th century. And Narasimha temple with inscriptions belongs to Sri Krishna Devaraya (Vijayanagar Empire). You are sure to be impressed by the Suryanarayana and the Narasimha temples that are also found in the same complex. The exquisite sculptures in the temple are very admirable.


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