Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hindu New Year celebration, Bali (Indonesia).

Hindu New Year celebration, Bali (Indonesia). The Hindu New Year starts on 21.03.2015. 
Indonesia celebrates the first day of the Hindu New year as the day of silence and prayer...
Mr. Jokowi, the President of Indonesia, attends the Hindu Nyepi celebration organized in the Prambanan Hindu Temple Complex, Yogyakarta, Java (Indonesia). Nyepi is the first day of the Hindu New Year (21.03.2015) and will be celebrated by Hindus in Indonesia as the day of complete silence and prayer. On this day, the complete state shuts down, which means no traffic, no television and no electricity. Even all shops and all airports close down completely. Just pray, fast and meditate for a complete 24 hours. 
Pictures: Indonesian President celebrating Nyepi. Empty streets on Nyepi (picture from last year).

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