Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Katyayani Sanghshri made of rarest Panchloha alloy देवी कात्यायनी संघश्री

A user's photo.Ancient Murti of Katyayani SanghSri made of rarest Panchaloha Alloy(देवी कात्यायनी संघश्री)
Making Panchaloha images was a well kept secret for a long time and ...their color changing properties added to their mysticism.
The most famous Panchaloha statue, that of Nataraja (The Dancing Lord) was removed during British Colonial rule. Composition The composition is laid down in the Shilpa shastras, an ancient Sanskrit text on icon making. It is traditionally described as an alloy of gold (Au), silver(Ag), copper(Cu), iron (Fe) and lead(Pb) as the major constituent; In some traditions, particularly Tibetan, it was considered auspicious to use thokcha, meteorite iron; either as a component of the alloy in general, or for a specific object or purpose. The amount used could vary, depending upon the material's availability and suitability, among other considerations. A small, largely symbolic quantity of "sky-iron" might be added, or it might be included as a significant part of the alloy-recipe.


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