Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dilwara Jain Temple, Mt. Abu(Rajasthan)दिलवाड़ा जैन मंदिर

A user's photo.Ornate Wall panel at Dilwara Jain Temple, Mt. Abu(Rajasthan)
दिलवाड़ा जैन मंदिर में भव्य नक्काशी
These temples built by Chalukya between the 11th and 13th centur...ies AD are world famous for their stunning use of marble . The five legendary marble temples of Dilwara are a sacred pilgrimage place of the Jains. Some consider them to beone of the most beautiful Jain pilgrimage sites in the world. The marble temples have an opulent entranceway, the simplicity in architecture reflecting Jain values like honesty and frugality.
A user's photo.

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