Sunday, April 19, 2015

Periyamarai Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Periyamarai is situated 10 kms from Thiruvaiyaru in Thirumanur Post , near Sullangudi village in a peaceful rural surroundings. An impressive arch welcomes us into Periyamarai. Few houses greet us and the main road is well cemented. A tall majestic Dwajasthambham has been erected as one of the recent additions.

Srinivasa Perumal and Alamelmangai Thaayar are the presiding deities at this temple. This is believed to be an ancient temple and has been around for more than 1000 years and was built by Chola Rajas. Utsavar is so captivating that people call him Kan Niraindha Perumal (கண் நிறைந்த பெருமாள்). He is also called as Kalyana Venkatesar . Those desirous of Marriage and Putra Bhagyam are blessed by this Perumal. Utsavar is also called Veda Narayanan because that village name Periyamarai, marai means Vedam.

About 25 years ago , the Utsava Murthis were stolen from the temple. The thieves took them to the near by Kaveri padukai , where they suddenly lost their eye sight and unable to carry them further , they left the Utsava Murthis there. It was found by the local people and restored to the temple after long procedure.
This temple was kept closed till about 10 years , when Perumal appeared in the dreams of Sri Renganatha Desikan , the current trustee who maintains the temple, directed him to open the temple and start daily aradhanams. Based on this he has made many efforts in renovating and conducting Maha Samproshnam for this temple. One can now, find new sannidis for Hayagreevar, Chakrathazwar, Oragattan , Guruvayur appan and Swami Desikan. Sannidhis for Thayar and Renganathar were also renovated

Utasavar adorns Vyapaka Mudrai akin to Danvanthiri Perumal and is believed to cure His devotees of ailments of all sorts. The trustees have appointed an exclusive Bhattar at the temple. Narayana Bhattar is young and active and takes good care with focus on increasing the visitors and improving the festivities. People of this village and its surroundings visit the temple especially during Saturdays and worship. Baghavathas travelling to either Kumbakonam, Srirangam , Thrivaiyaru or Thanjavur are requested to visit this beautiful temple and worship Lord Srinivasa and Alarmel Mangai Thayar and seek their Blessings.

Srirangam Kumbhabhisheka Thilakam, Sri.Sara Narayana bhatar, MA(Aagamam) who has finished 8 yrs of study in Aagamam sasthras who also conducts many Kumbhabhishekams in South India , can be contacted for Seva at this temple at +91 9003800574

Sri Renganatha Desigan Swami has arranged daily Sahasranama archanai.. Akshaya Thritjyai ,Garuda Vahanam, Karthigai Deepotsavam, Dhanurmasa Utsavam and Laksharchanai.

Another humble request is made to all those who are from this area and those desirous of making a Kainkaryam,

To contact : Sri Renganatha Desikan Swami , Trustee- Periyamarai Srinivasa Perumal Seva Samithi

Mobile : + 91 9381026729.

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