Thursday, April 16, 2015

Old POLO Jain Temple Gujrat

POLO in Gujarat state is very famous to oldest temple and places. Here, the information of old polo Jain temple. Polo located to vijaynagar taluka, sabarkhantha district. All photos and information is Provide by my friends Tushar trivedi, it’s visited this area and polo Jain temple is next month.
History of polo Jain mandir:-
This area is very beautiful and nice because all area surrounding by nature jungle. Remain of the fortifications of the oldest ancient city of Polo, century of 15. This Jain temple is a beautiful courtyard, with the Shiv Panchayat temple (show the photo of above). The latter was influenced by many Mughal architects and changed but built according to the ancient Sanskrit Vastu-Shastra.
According Gujarat tourism information” the taking inspiration from the upright stability and you has balance of the human body, with the great resistance to natural calamities, it’s such as earthquakes”. It’s contained a lower chamber in which to hide the idols of during raid and attacks on the polo temple.

The two nice marble pillars in mandir and one of which is carved with the history of Mahavir Swami’s mother. There are also second temple next to the polo Jain temples

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