Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The temple of Lingaraja Bhubaneswar,Orrisa, India

A user's photo.The temple of Lingaraja, the biggest of all at Bhubaneswar, is located within a spacious compound wall of laterite measuring 520 feet by 465 feet. The wall is 7... feet 6 inches thick and surmounted by a plain slant coping. Alongside the inner face of the boundary wall there runs a terrace probably meant to protect the compound wall against outside aggression.
The temple of Lingaraja is by far the most notable monument of Bhubaneswar . Rising to a height of about one hundred and eighty feet and dominating the entire landscape it represents the quint essence of the Kalinga type of architecture and the culminating result of the architectural tradition at Bhubaneswar


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