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Sri Sri Villeeswarar Temple

Sri Sri Villeeswarar Temple

The presiding deity, got from the earth appears with three straight lines on the forehead. Sun God by spreading his rays on the presiding deity on 14, 15 and 16 in the month of Panguni (March-April) worships the Lord. The Navagrahas – 9 planets - are installed just above a foot from the ground. Devotees submit their grievances in a paper before the planets, wonderfully, their grievances are redressed within 30 days. This is a very ancient temple. Many epigraphic evidences are found in this temple.

Shri Vinayaka graces in the temple with the name Shantha Vinayaka. Idigarai is situated in between the banks of two canals fed by the rains from Kurudi hills, Pala hills and Ponnuthu hills. So, the ancient name of the place was Iru Karai – two banks - which in later days changed as Idikarai.

Sri Villeeswarar graces from the sanctum sanctorum with a small Nandhi-the bull vehicle. Mother Vedanayaki, Balasubramaniar graces from their respective shrines. There is a banyan tree without hanging stems (Vizhudhu) with Lord Dakshinamurthy gracing under the tree.

Worship of Villeeswarar removes obstacles in marriage talks. Evil aspects on children disappear. Diseases are cured. Prosperity improves in families. Litigants win legal battles.

Devotees perform abishek to Lord with rose water, green coconuts, sacred ashes-vibhuti - sandal etc. with vastras. Abishek is performed to Lord Dakshinamurthy with a pulse called Kondaikadalai.

The Lord of the temple is praised as Villeeswarar as Sri Rama got his Vil (bow) from Lord Shiva. (Villeeswarar means the Lord who gifted the bow). The name also represents the Vilwa trees surrounding the temple and because the Lord was worshipped by a hunting community holding Vil the bow. The visit of Sri Rama to the place is supported by a temple – Sri Kodandaramar temple – in Govindanaickenpalayam near Idikarai.

The presiding deity is got from the earth with three straight lines on forehead. Sun God worships the Lord through His rays on Panguni (March-April) 14, 15 and 16. The temple was constructed by a king. This temple is linked with Kalakaleswar temple in Kovilpalayam and Vadamadurai Vruddesswar temple on a straight stretch. There was also an underground passage connecting the temples, used by the king to worship Lord Shiva during war times.

As advised by a women soothsayer (Kurathi), King Karikal Chola, to make his kingdom prosperous and free his sons from evil aspects, decided to build as many as 36 Shiva temples. While building the 29th temple in the Kongu region, he cured the land by axing the Vilwa trees, the guardian deity Durga demanded the king to offer her sacrifices before proceeding with the construction. The king promised to build a temple for her after building the Shiva temple. He did so as promised and offered three sacrifices, a cock, goat and a swine.

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