Monday, January 18, 2016

Sri Nrusinghanath Temple in Orrisa, India

Sri Nrusinghanath, One of the great temples of Orissa in India. Orissa is always been known as the place of Lord Jagannath and Sun Temple Konark. However, there are few exciting places remains hidden to the popularity for different reason. One of such place is Sri Nrusinghanath. Sri Nrusinghanath temple is situated at the foot of Gandhamardhan Hill in Bargarh district of Orissa.The nearest bus stop to Nrusinghanath is Paikmal around 40 Kms. from Nuapada and around 190 kms from Raipur. From Paikmal take right turn to Sri Nrusinghanath. The Sri Nrusinghanath temple is one of the ancient temple of Orissa. It always excite forest lovers. On the way to the temple from Nuapada, one will enjoy the exciting dense forest both side of the road. The Nrusinghanath temple it self is covered by forest and a small water fall. Apart from the temple one can also visit Patora dam near by. The Patora dam is around 20 kms. from Nuapada. The temple is well connected by road from each side. However, a direct rail connection is yet to be there. People coming by rail have to get down at Khariar Road and take a taxi to Nuapada. From Nuapada, take left to Paikmal and then right turn to Nrusinghanath temple. From Nuapada, one can take right turn to Patora Dam. Here are few exciting moments of my tour to the place.

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