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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Japan.s past before communism was Hinduism

In the Iwase Bunko Depository Library lies a document called Hyouryuukishuu, which is translated as the ‘Tales of Castaways’. - On February 22, 1803, near the J...apanese village of Harashagahama, a strange craft, having 5 - 6m (16 - 20ft) in diameter and 3m (9ft 10in) in height, was washed ashore. The bottom of the craft was metallic and strong, while the top was made of a crystal-like material, making it possible to look straight inside it. This created a stir in the village and people rushed down to see the unusual object. This object became known as "Utsuro-bune" (Japanese for the “Hollow ship”). Looking inside the craft, the villagers were astounded to see a beautiful, young woman. They have estimated her age to be around 18 - 20 y/o, her height around 5 shaku (1,51m or 4ft 11in) and she was unlike any woman they have ever seen before: she had pink-pale skin and red eyebrows and hair. Her clothing was unfamiliar in style and was made from fabrics they had never seen before. She spoke a foreign language, which the villagers were not able to understand or identify. Inside the craft, the villagers saw a series of strange symbols/writing, which they had replicated (left side of drawing): The woman was holding in her arms a mysterious box (60cm in length), and allowed nobody to touch it. The villagers thought that the woman may be a foreign princess, who was banished by her family because she was caught cheating on her noble husband. And because she was so protective about her box, they thought that it may contain the severed head of the man she loved (often done in Japan during that time). Fearing repressions from the Japanese government, the villagers decided to put her back into the ship, and push the vessel back into the sea.

There are other written records and drawings from the early 1800’s of this story and craft which leads us to believe the story is true. There are some people say this was a UFO craft but more likely explanation is that it was from a more advanced culture on earth that is now gone or hidden. This story would be like a primitive tribe during the world war in 1944 seeing an airplane for the first time; they thought it was Gods going from the sky.