Saturday, October 27, 2018

Lathia piller of Gupta Period 322BC-185 BC

Lathiya  Pillar (Jamania) is Monolithic pillar dating to the SkandaGupta period which was built on the lines of the Mauryan period (322 BC to 185 BC) although it has eight lions instead of four, the Garuda figure resting on a circle of lotus leaves, which once crowned the bell-shaped capital.
Four brick temples of Gupta period has been found mostly in the form of ghost walls. All these temples are facing east and having the same plan. These  were composed of two architectural units, the sanctum (Garbha Griha) and mandapa. Stone pillar is situated west of the temple group. Temple No.1 and 2 and its enclosure wall were constructed in period II phase I and temple No. 3 and 4 were constructed in Phase II of same period.

The temple site at Lathiya in Jamania tehsil has a close connection with a similar site at #Bhitari where an inscribed Gupta pillar of the time of Skandagupta stands in the vicinity of a temple. Every year Lathia mela is organised which fetches huge amount of devotees.

Jamania tehsil is in Ghazipur district. Jamania gets its name from Rshi Jamdagni because of his Ashram. Ghazipur old name was Gadhipuri associated to King #Gadhi. King Gadhi was father of #Viswamitra and #Satyawati. Satyawati was mother of Jagdambni Rshi whose son was Parashuram. #Buxar few kms from Ghazipur is associated with Viswamitra after becoming BrahmaRishi, this was the place where #Tadka killing happened by Shri Ram and Lakshman. The site of "Ahalya getting back to life" is in Buxar which is now known as #Ahirauli.

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  1. Well it is Zamania not Jamania. Please tell why only Mouryas participate in this lathia mela?