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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5th century CE Old statue of Hari Hari Hara

A user's photo.An old Murti, possibly of Hari-hara at Ratnagiri excavation site, Orissa
Dated: ~5th century CE
Murti is shown wearing Sacred thread(Upanayana or Janeu) , it sh...ould be noticed. The left half is Vishnu and the right half is Shiv, as evident from the accouterments. Shiva always carries a rosary (Akshamala), and a bowl, citron or a mirror.
Also look closely...
- the left half Vishnu is wearing an anklet; Shiv is not for being an ascetic.
- the armlets on the two uppers arms are also a mismatch.
One thing absent is the Kaustubh Mani, which is always on the center of the chest. The Matsya
and the Vishnudharmottar Puranas are very clear about the details of Hari-Har.
Photo Credit- M. Mohanty