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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Golkunda Fort,India

Golconda Fort

  • Destination: Hyderabad
Golconda Fort is also called as Golla Konda . It is one of the magnificent fortress complexes in India and built on a granite hill that is 400 feet high with some walls of 60 feet height and normally other walls ranging from 17 to 34 feet height. The region is universally famous for the most coveted gems like Koh-i-noor, Hope Diamond, Idols Eye and Darya-i-noor which were produced in Golconda mines.
Golconda fort was constructed by the Kakatiya kings in the year 1143 based on an interesting story behind it. There was a day in the history that a shepherd boy came across an idol on the rocky hill, which was called Mangalavaram and the news about the boy has come to known to the Kakatiya king by his informers. Then the king ordered to construct a mud fort around the holy spot and latterly the people started calling the hill as “Shepherd’s Hill” or “Golla Konda”, which was popularly known in Telugu.
As the decades are passing away In AD1363 it was ceded to the Baihmanis. After their downfall in the Qutb Shahi kings (AD 1518-1687) started ruling Telangana region made Golconda as its seat of power and extended the mud fort into a massive and expansive fort of granite with the area extended to 5 kilometres .later on Hyderabad was made as capital in 1590 and the fort outer wall was extended to10 kilometres.
Prestige of the Fort Today
The age of the fort until today is almost 800 years but still stands as a Hyderabad’s greatest architectural wonders. This fort is having greatest engineering marvel with fantastic acoustic effects, when we clap at the entrance dome at a certain point we can hear sound at the highest point of the fort which is almost 1 kilometre away. This acts like a warning call for the royals if there is any attack.
Timings and entry fee structure
  • Timings: 09.00 am – 5.00 pm (Closed on Monday)
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 10 for Indian Nationals, Rs. 100 for Foreign Nationals
  • Video: Rs. 25
  • Contact: +91 40 23512401
  • Sound & Light Show (Organised by APTDC):
  • Timings: All days 1st Show 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Nov to Feb); All days 2nd Show 8:15pm to 9:15 pm (Mon, Wed, Fri – Telugu Show; Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun – Hindi Show)
  • All days 1st Show 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (March to October)
  • Entry Fee: VIP Class Rs. 100 (Adult) Rs.75 (Child) Non Executive: Rs.50 (Adult) Rs.30 (Child