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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trimurti Hindu Temple in Laos 5 th century

भारतीय वास्तुकला (Wonderful Indian Architecture)'s photo.Trimurti at Vat Phou temple, Laos
Dated: 5th century CE
Wat Phou was initially associated with the city of Shresthapura, which lay on the bank of the Mekong dir...ectly east of
mount Lingaparvata (now called Phu Kao). By the latter part of the 5th century the city was already the capital of a
kingdom which texts and inscriptions connect with both Chenla and Champa , and the first structure on the mountain was constructed around this time. The mountain gained spiritual importance from the linga -shaped protuberance on its summit; the mountain itself was therefore considered the home of Shiva , and the river as representing the ocean or the Ganges River. The temple was naturally dedicated to Shiva, while the water from the spring which emerges directly behind the temple was considered sacred.
The Temple Complex of Vat Phou bears exceptional testimony to the cultures of south-east Asia, and in particular to the Khmer Empire which dominated the region in the 10th–14th centuries. The Vat Phou complex is an outstanding example of the integration of symbolic landscape of great spiritual significance to its natural surroundings. Contrived to express the Hindu version of the relationship between nature and humanity, Vat Phou exhibits a remarkable complex of monuments and other structures over an extensive area between river and mountain, some of outstanding architecture, many containing great works of art, and all expressing intense religious conviction and commitment