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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sri Pandurangan temple

Sri Pandurangan temple

Moolavar : Pandurangan
Mother / Thayar : Ragumayee
City : Thennangur, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Lord Panduranga, 12 feet tall appears standing majestically in the sanctum sanctorum. It is specially noteworthy that all the deities related to Sri Chakra – Maha Shodasi, Rajarajeswari, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Brahmma, Vishnu, Rudra, Easwara, Vinayaka, Bala, Annapoorani, Ashwaruda, Rajamadhangi, Varahi, Pratyangara, Sarabeswara, Chakkarathazhwar, Yoga Narasimha, Agoramurthy, Vanadurga, Parasaraswathi, Medha Dakshinamurthy, Subramanya, Chandi Mahalakshmi, Brahmi, Maheswari, Gaumari, Vaishnavi, Mahendri, Chamunda, Mahalakshmi are in the temple in idol forms.

Resembling the design of Puri Jagannath, this temple stands majestically with a 120 feet tall tower and Gold Kalasas of 9.5 feet with Sudarsana Chakra above. The saffron flag flying above the tower invites the devotees with blessings of the Lord. It is not simply wonderful but thrilling to see a tower of this stature facing east. Passing the Balipeeta, there is the 16 pillared Maha Mandap. Entering the Mahamandap, one feels that he/she had entered the gates of Paradise. Baghwan Garuda is occupying the centre space as a Gem. Lord Govindaraja Perumal enjoys and graces the Wedding festival in the mandap as in Tirupathi except on Saturdays.

The temple follows both the orthodox sampradaya of South and the Bajan Sampradaya of North.

The Brindavan of His Holiness Gnanananda Swamigal adds more sanctity to the temple.

Made of Salagrama stone, Lord Panduranga in this deity form is 12 feet tall in a standing form. Mother Raghumayee nearby is adding beauty to beauty. Lord Panduranga showers His blessing as a King of Mathura on Sundays, in a simple form showing His Lotus feet for the darshan of devotees on Thursdays, with silver coverings on Fridays and as Lord Venkatachalapathi on Saturdays.

Lord appears in fruit Alankara on the Tamil New Year day-Vishu Kani Utsav. On the Gokhulashtami day, Sri Vaishnava Muthagi Sevai is followed. Lord appears in many alluring forms as Rajagopala, Giridhari holding the Govardhana Hill, as Geethacharya, as Parthasarathy and Radhakrishna. It is said that Lord played his flute under the Thamala tree (the sacred tree of the temple) in Dwapara Yuga which drew Radha towards Him. It is noteworthy that this Thamala tree is brought to South. Dwarapalaka idols are made of Panchaloka – a mixture of five metals.

The structure of the temple resemble the Pandaripuram temple in Maharashtra with Lord Panduranga accompanied by Mother Raghumayee blessing devotees. The temple was built by the disciple of His Holiness Gnanananda Swamigal, His Holiness Haridasgiri Swamigal. It is being administered by His Holiness Namanandagiri Swamigal presently.

All the deities related to Sri Chakra worship are in this temple. Prayer is the best path to reach God. Every one can do the worship depending on their means and knowledge. The significance of the temple is the Nama Sangeerthana principles followed in worships because Music takes the soul to God.

Lord Panduranga is majestically 12 feet tall made of Salagrama stone. He graces in a standing posture.