Thursday, April 14, 2016

जेजुरी मँदिर(Jejuri Temple),

जेजुरी मँदिर(Jejuri Temple), As the temple is on the hill, one has to climb almost 200 steps. Butthe climbing is not so tough and the wonderful view of Jejuri townis marvelous. One can easily see the view of Saswad and Dive Ghat if weather permits. One can enjoy number of ' Deep Mala ' ( Light Stands of Stones ) while climbing the hill. Jejuri is really popular for its old Deep Mala. The temple over the hill is pretty. Though a simple one, still looks beautiful. The temple can be divided into Mandap and Gabhara. The two bells and idols in the temple are good looking.
The idol of Khandoba in the temple is beautiful. Various weapons like Sword , Damaru and Paral are of historic remembrance.

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