Thursday, June 4, 2015

MANDORE TEMPLES,JODHPUR--Antique City of Parihar Rajput

MANDORE inhabited since the time of RAMAYANA, originally known as Mandavyapur. The king Ravana married to princess Mandodri of Mandavyapur. During Gupta period 6th – 7th century AD, the ancient capital of the PARIHARS was ruled by King Shri Nahar Rao Parihar, which later became the capital of MARWAR. Mandore has an extensive and beautiful garden on the slopes of a hill. Here one may find a cha...rming collection of temples and memorials. The devals (cenotaphs) of Maharaja Shri Jaswant Singh and Maharaja Shri Ajit Singh are housed here. Its hall of heroes depicting popular Hindu and folk deities, dating back to the 17th – 18th century has 16 figures carved out of a single rock, also known as the hall of demigods and demigoddesses. (These are called 330 million Devi and Devtas).
Higher up on the plateau are ruins of Mandore, the antique city of PARIHARS. The Mandore fort was built in stages. A study of the Mandore fort, its thick walls and huge ruins showed that the fort was a fine piece of architecture. Many statues and etchings on stone and rock found at Mandore now adorn Mandore museum. The ruins also indicate the existence of a huge temple inside the fort. The outer wall of the temple depicts finely carved botanical designs, birds, animals and beautifully carved planetary system.
In 1395 AD, Shri Chundaji Rathore married a Parihar princess named Mohil and began ruling Mandore, which became the capital of Marwar

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