Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gurjar Pratihar Rajput architecture and temples -

  • Rajput Kingdom started by Pratihar Kings. Gurjar name came from Gujrat and Pratihar are current Parihar Rajput. 
  • Fort, Fortresses, Temples, Art & Monuments built by Veer Gurjars


  1. Jin gurjar pratiharo ne lagbagh 400 saal raj kiya aur ek baar bhi khud ko rajput NAHI kaha aap unhe khud rajput batate hai.unhone khud ko aur unke contemporaries like Arab aur pal ,rastrakutas ne unhe gurjar kaha. unhone khud shilalekho me khud ko gurjar pratihar kaha naki rajput to aap kaise unhe rajput kehte hai.
    Unke rajput hone ka pramand de lekho me NAHI shilalekho me.
    Gurjar pratihar king mahipal was called by his own court poet 'dahadta gurjar'and another king hariraja was called a ferocious gurjar.while there is not a single mention of word rajput then how is he a rajput ? Just bcoz he was a Great king.tommorrow u may call even chenghez khan a rajput.becoz u don't give a damn about facts and history

    1. .yes bro , he is a mad man ,a chutiya he is,haha,he is just copypasting the gurjars images from gurjars websites,how chutiya he is ,when he posted a pic of BAINSLA GURJARS FORT, and every one knows BAINSLA is a GURJAR gotra, and PRATIHAR is also a gurjar gotra,he posted a pic of KHATANA GURJAR FORT, KHATANA is a gurjar gotra,not a rajput gotra haha

  2. This is really pretty cool place I like it because it has everything I want more on this blog soon.
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  3. Gurjar kings rule India ancient times they fought invedors till 300to 400 years.they protect india and Indian culture from Muslim invadors bravely

  4. Abe to gurjar pratihar rajput nhi h , info thk kr apni 😂 , or gujrat ko gurjaro k ane se phle saurashtra kaha jata tha to kaise Gurjar name gujrat se aya 😂 jake gujrat govt ki official website check kr 🤣

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